Bringing semiconductor scale to a new generation of DNA synthesis

Reimagine Biology

Synthetic biology brings the power of nature to bear on the real challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. However, researchers are constrained by the tools of the last generation of DNA synthesis technology.

Fulfilling the potential of synthetic biology demands new ways to achieve long, accurate DNA synthesis at unprecedented scale.

We want to put the next generation of DNA technology into the hands of researchers working on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing our planet:

petrochemical dependency
healthcare and personalised medicine
pandemic response

food availability
industrial chemistry
global data storage

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Our Technology

To advance DNA synthesis we have returned to first principles, redesigning the process to break free from the constraints of existing technology.

We have designed novel semiconductor technology capable of synthesising thousands of independent sequences across the surface of a single chip, re-engineered phosphoramidite chemistry to enable thermal control of the synthesis cycle, developed new ways to assemble DNA into genes and established novel approaches to enzymatic DNA synthesis.

Our Platform

Our unique technology allows us to build laboratory scale platforms with industrial scale capabilities.

DNA availability will no longer be a bottleneck, instead it will provide opportunities to design more ambitious experiments and deliver faster results.

Our Bioengineering Platform will enable independent synthesis of thousands of distinct DNA strands per run, allowing 100’s of kilobases of DNA to be assembled into genes and providing DNA pools for CRISPR Screening, Antibody Discovery, Target Enrichment, Saturation Mutagenesis and more.

About Us

Evonetix brings together the talents of an astonishing group of scientists and engineers, across biology, physics, electronics, chemistry, software and mechanics; all with the same mission, to unlock the capabilities of semiconductor technology for the world of synthetic biology.

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