Leaders of the biology revolution.

Evonetix is a pioneer of groundbreaking gene synthesis technology. Our benchtop platform will provide the ability to synthesize gene-length DNA at unprecedented accuracy, scale and speed, freeing scientists from the constraints of existing technology to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges across healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and sustainability.


A world in which access to long, accurate DNA allows scientists to apply synthetic biology to the biggest challenges facing our planet.

To pioneer a radically different approach to gene synthesis, putting an Evonetix gene foundry into every lab.

Evonetix was founded in 2015 with the goal of applying the scalability of silicon chip manufacture to benchtop DNA synthesis.

Since the founding team developed the first DNA synthesis chip, Evonetix has grown to become a highly multidisciplinary team of over 100 working across Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Electronics, Software, Cloud Development, Mechanical Engineering, Production, and more to solve the biggest bottleneck in biology.


We’re supported by a group of visionary, leading investors who believe we hold the answer to unleashing the power of engineering biology.


It’s the friendliest place I’ve ever worked, there is always something social going on. Plus being a mental health first aider means I get to support lots of people across the organization in maintaining good health.

Thomas Franklin

Senior Engineer
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As we grow, there are a lot of opportunities to learn new skills and take on more responsibility. At Evonetix, I get to keep pushing the boundaries not only in technical aspects but also for personal growth.

Yu-Hsien Hung

Senior Scientist
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You feel like you are part of something big at Evonetix, with everyone working towards a common goal. The people are a great asset, there’s a real sense of community. Even though I work remotely a lot of the time, I always feel really welcomed when I come to the office.

Joel Colwell

Digital Marketing Manager
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The mentoring and support that I have from my manager is immense. There is a strong focus on personal development, and the company is great at supporting people to progress in their careers.

Celia Raimondi

Senior Scientist
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Evonetix is a really exciting place to work. I enjoy working at the interface of several different disciplines and overcoming challenges as a team. You are constantly learning at Evonetix, both within your own discipline, but also across the other disciplines.

Mat Jennison

Staff Scientist
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