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Democratising DNA synthesis

We are placing the next generation of DNA synthesis directly into the labs of researchers.

In-lab gene synthesis will enable faster turn around and iteration of sequence design at a scale currently only available in major service centres.

Gene synthesis will turn from a major bottleneck into the opportunity to drive forward the scope and ambition of synthetic biology.

Our parallel synthesis capability will also accelerate delivery of CRISPR Screens, Antibody Discovery, Saturation Mutagenesis, Target Enrichment and other techniques core to the expansion of bioengineering and protein design.

Benchtop Instrument

Our benchtop instrument manages the electronic and fluidic connections needed to prepare the DNA sequences specified by the user. Set up simply requires the insertion of a synthesis cartridge, placement of bulk solutions and download of the pre-specified run file. All synthesis operations are fully automated.

Synthesis Cartridge

Our synthesis cartridge contains the synthesis and assembly chip plus all the reagents required for a single synthesis run, enabling simple plug-and-play operation.

Cloud based

Our cloud based sequence design and optimization software allows you to plan synthesis runs, manage projects, provide approvals, view instrument usage and schedule run time.

Built-in sequence design and support capabilities help to ensure your run is a success.

Authorized users can plan and prepare synthesis projects from any location with an internet connection, ensuring maximum utilization of chip capacity and instrument platform availability.